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Preserve Your Precious Moments for Generations

These prints are a tribute to timeless sophistication and earthy allure.


Cove Edge Square Photo Mount Print


Immerse your home in the warmth of nature with the exquisite Cove Edge Square Photo Mount Prints, where cherished memories transform into rustic works of art. Designed with the discerning nature lover, home decor enthusiast, and art collector in mind, these prints are a tribute to timeless sophistication and earthy allure.
Natural Birch Wood Base: A substantial 3/4" inch panel of natural birch sets the stage, inviting rustic beauty and unique character into your living space with a custom edge that adds depth and intrigue to your chosen images.
Premium Lustre Photo Paper Finish: Adorn your walls with a visual feast. Our superior Lustre Photo Paper strikes a flawless balance between the reflective glamour of gloss and the understated elegance of matte, ensuring your photos command attention while retaining subtle charm.
Archival Inks for Longevity: Preserve your precious moments for generations. We harness the power of top tier archival inks that stand defiant against the test of time, offering lasting vibrancy to keep the spirit the spirit of your images alive and undiminished. 
Ready to Hang: Forget the fuss of complicated mounting. Each Cove Edge Wood Print has been thoughtfully fitted with a keyhole slot, allowing for immediate, seamless hanging and ensuring your masterpieces stay purt.
Solar Powered Craftsmanship: Crated with care and eco-consciousness in our sun kissed California workshop. Each print not only encapsulates unmatched artisanship but also embodies our commitment to the environment as we utilize solar energy - a true mark of green excellence.