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What's a Woodsnap?

Here at Woodsnap we have a passion for printing photos on wood. Through a specialized process we take your photos and print them directly on premium baltic birch wood resulting in super vibrant colors, retaining high quality without sacrificing clarity. Created with 100% solar power in our California workshop.

Be able to do more with your photos!

Taking photos is one of the best ways to keep great memories close to us. Printing pictures can sometimes be a little overwhelming, tedious, and just mundane. Here at Woodsnap we thought there could be a better way to have your photos printed and displayed. By printing your photos on wood, it brings more life to your imagery and totally changes the way it looks, virtually creating a new memory.

One of the best alternatives to canvas

Canvas has been a very popular medium for many years. At Woodsnap we make sure our prints stand apart from the traditional paper photos in a frame. Instead of printing on traditional paper or canvas, we print directly on premium baltic birch wood. Resulting in super vibrant color and tones without having to sacrifice any sort of clarity.

How it works

We've made sure the ordering process is a breeze. It's really easy and only takes a few steps!

Since we don't print any white ink, any lighter areas in your photos will allow the wood grain to beautifully show through giving it a natural, organic, and a very unique look. Open skies in a landscape will be filled with waves of beautiful wood grain. Due to our printing process where we infuse the ink into the wood, your printed photo wood print will have more vibrant tones due to the natural warmth and texture of the wood.

What's included?

Each Woodsnap order comes with a keyhole for easy hanging.

Start sharing your memories

Whether you have photos on your computer or mobile devices, we make ordering at Woodsnap easy. With a variety of sizes & shapes you can get creative as your mind will allow! Get your photos printed on wood and have your memories ingrained.