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Bring your Memories to Life

The perfect combination of personalization and elegance. Designed for anyone who cherishes moments captured in time, this product is an outstanding choice for home decor enthusiasts, photography lovers, and gift shoppers looking for that unique and thoughtful present.

Suits any room aesthetic, adding a personal touch to your home decor.

Transform your favorite photos into contemporary wall art.

Create Your Own Photo Tile Wall Mural

The specialized back creates an eye-catching drop shadow effect, making each print stand out vividly against your wall.

5x7 Photo Tile

Keyhole cut out on the back for seamless hanging. Enjoy a long lasting display of your treasured photographs.

The remarkable solution to creating a stunning and personalized mosaic of cherished memories! These distinctive picture tiles offer not only complete customization but also embody an eco-friendly approach, as our solar-powered building at emphasizes sustainability. Meticulously handcrafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail, these prints beautifully showcase your beloved photos on premium wood, exuding a captivating warmth and natural allure that enhances any space they grace. What sets our Photo Tiles apart is not just their exceptional craftsmanship, but also the gallery drop shadow edge, which adds a subtle yet elegant depth to your display. Moreover, these remarkable creations are reasonably priced, ensuring that you can bring the magic of Woodsnap's Photo Tile Wood Prints into your home without breaking the bank.